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I believe it should be our priority to get as many of our taxes inline with our neighboring states as possible. Too much tax revenue is being lost to Massachusetts and Connecticut because it’s cheaper to buy things across state lines. 

I believe we should conduct a regional tax comparison study to analyze what our neighbors are doing with regards to corporate, gas, sales, and social security taxes. Then, we should push legislation to get those taxes inline with our neighbors and end boarder jumping.

I personally signed the first property tax cap legislation in Rhode Island for Cumberland. I’ve been able to take our bond rating from almost junk status to one of the best in the state, saving our community a substantial amount of money in borrowing costs. I’ve maintained a non-tiered tax policy, removing an unnecessary extra burden on Cumberland’s small businesses. And, I’ve made our water department more self-sustaining, ending the department’s dependence on the town’s tax revenue.

Out side of Cumberland, I’ve brought together municipal leaders from across the state to collectively lower healthcare costs for our cities and towns by millions of dollars. 

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